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   Item #055 - 29" x 38"  -  $800
Rosahita Bia  -  Chinle, Arizona
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     Burntwater style rugs are a more modern style, and are considered an elaboration of traditional Two Grey Hills designs.  Burntwaters are woven in the vegetal dyed colors favored by the weavers of the Wide Ruins, Pine Springs, and Burntwater area south of Ganado, AZ.  Warm, rich colors, such as brown, sienna, mustard, and rust are accented with a sparing use of pale, milky colors including rose, green, blue, lilac and white. 
     Incorporating geometric spirals, head-to-head triangles, stepped diagonals and multiple borders into the design, some weavers may use twenty or more colors in large Burntwaters.  Due to the complexity of this style of weaving, Burntwater rugs are relatively rare.
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