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Item #035 - 39" x 55" - $800
Sandra Manycows - Hard Rock, Arizona
To Order this Rug, Call (916) 451-9293
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Any Irregularity of image is due to camera angle only.
All weavings are perfectly square or rectangular.

     Klagetoh style rugs are named for and primarily originated in a small settlement south of Ganado; which means "Hidden Springs."  Although the distinctions between Ganado, Klagetoh, Two Grey Hills, and Burntwater styles are made strictly on the basis of color, the first two styles tend to have simpler designs. 
     A typical Klagetoh is dominated by its grey background.  The weaver uses black, white and red in a design usually centered on an elongated diamond.  Except for the red, the wool colors used are naturally occurring, although black wool may be enhanced with commercial dye. 
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