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New Lands

38" x 54" -  (Not Available for Sale)
Mary K. Yazzie  -  Sanders, Arizona
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Any Irregularity of image is due to camera angle only.
All weavings are perfectly square or rectangular.

     The New Lands style of weaving is named for the area around Sanders, AZ where many Navajos were relocated to from traditional homelands in the Black Mesa region of the Navajo Nation. 
     The most recent development in Navajo weaving, New Lands rugs combine Burntwater soft, vegetal-dyed colors with a Teec Nos Pos design, and are often of a raised outline method of construction; a special weaving technique where areas of the rug are filled with fine vertical pinstripes of subtle colors.  This weaving method results in raised, three-dimensional ridges outlining the edges of the primary design elements. 
     Many New Lands style weavers are from the Coal Mine Mesa area of the Navajo Nation and were the first to develop the raised outline method of weaving in the 1930's.

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