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Tree of Life  

Item #057 - 26" x 34" - $700
Louise Reed  -  Chinle, Arizona
To Order this Rug, Call (916) 451-9293
or Email Us
Any Irregularity of image is due to camera angle only.
All weavings are perfectly square or rectangular.

     The Tree of Life style of Navajo weaving originated around the Cedar Ridge area in the northern part of the Navajo Nation.  Usually this style portrays a cornstalk or tree growing from a basket.  Brilliantly colored birds perch on and around the Tree of Life.
     The background is usually a pale color with a dark, plain border which sets off the bright, aniline hues used to depict the birds.  Some of the birds are recognizeable species such as Cardinals, Jays, or Woodpeckers.  They may be flying, perched, or even settled around the basket at the bottom.  Butterflies, rabbits and squirrels, bright flowers and vines are also often woven into the design of this weaving style.


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