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Wide Ruins   

 Item #009 - 44" x 66" - $3500
Hope Arthur  -  Pinon, Arizona
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Any Irregularity of image is due to camera angle only.
All weavings are perfectly square or rectangular.

     Wide Ruins style of Navajo weavings are patterned after the Chinle style, but feature the use of natural, vegetal dyes and intricate designs.  The most finely woven of the three banded styles, the Wide Ruins style consists of broad stripes of vegetal dyed colors of browns, olives, mustards and maroons alternating with stripes containing geometric designs accented with elemental colors such as white or  black.
     From the Wide Ruins, Pine Springs, Burntwater, and Standing Rock region of the Navajo Nation, this style of weaving incorporates a bead stitch of alternating weft colors, referred to as "railroad tracks," in some of the bands.   The Wide Ruins style is a highly prized Navajo rug style with its deep, somber vegetal-dyed colors.

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