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Rug of the Month

An Introduction to Navajo Weaving
   The history of Navajo weaving extends back over two centuries.  The art of weaving, first learned by the Navajos from the Pueblo tribes of the southwest, has consisted of 3 distinct periods.
   The Classic period prior to 1870; the weavings of which are very materially scarce today, is the period in which the art of weaving was fundamentally developed by the Navajo people.  The primary emphasis during this period was on the weaving of blankets, shawls, and dresses for trade and practical use.
   The Transitional period from 1875 - 1900 saw the first use of commercially dyed yarns, producing many eye dazzling and intense, expressionistic styles, and began the transition to weavings made for the use of rugs and saddle blankets.
   The modern, Contemporary period of Navajo weaving is defined today by the identification of weaving styles primarily related to geographic origin. These regional styles can be traced back to the personal design preferences of a few highly influential traders, and have resulted in the development of basically 17 styles of Navajo weaving
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